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The way i adapted to spring

The weather is a prediction of the fact that spring is close.  I am pleased at the thought  that the sun isn’t hiding from me anymore. I am even more pleased when I think that the grey tones are slowly beginning to disappear from the everyday landscape which makes me reconsider my attitude towards the things that surround me.

For this reason, I have decided to take some action and the first thing that came to my mind was my wardrobe. I got rid of all my black overcoats, dark coloured mufflers, boots and Eskimo look-like accessories. Floral-printed t-shirts, short dresses, comfy shoes and white accessories filled my wardrobe, enhancing not only my looks but also my mood as I tried to fit in the spring scenery. But this wasn’t enough.

I needed an environmental change too, so I began moving the furniture so as to give the impression of more space. I redecorated my room in green tones, bought a beautifully smelling flower, changed my bed covers with some new soft pale pink sheets and gave up the curtains to enlight my room. It suddenly gave me the feeling of hope, energy and tidiness.

Maybe these changes are not too significant, but they did change my mood instantly. I think that this sort of actions have a positive effect not only upon the psyche, but also upon the aspect, and we all know that if you feel good on the inside, your outside completes the impression. Let spring enter your life!

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