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Litera O de la Oana

cana mea

Am primit de ziua mea, de la sora mea, o cană foarte draguță.
Pe ea sunt scrise articole despre litera O.

“If your name starts with O, you are a born Optimist, because you are Objective, Observant and Open-minded. You are Out-standing in whatever you do, really, you are One of s kind. It truly is Overwhelming, but you are really OK.”

“The origin of letter O is the fifteenth letter of our Western alphabet and is of Latin origin. It is the fourthvowel of the alphabet. The letter O is went down a long historyc road in our modern alphabet. In english the letter O is used to pronounce the number zero in telephone numbers for instance.”

“You have ideals and are willing to fight for them. With this positive attitude to life and wisdom you will get very far in life. Your positive character will ensure that you will receive many windfalls. You will receive many windfalls. You are also open to other opinions and ideas, which results in a good dond with your family and close frendships. Be yourself, high-spirited and happy.”

Concluzie: Mi se potrivește perfect!

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