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Jim Raynor

Jim Raynor este una din personalitatile marcante din saga Starcraft. Povestea l-a urmarit in ascensiunea sa pe scara militara si diplomatica in raport cu celelalte doua rase extraterestre (Zerg si Protoss). Povestea originala a jocului il urmareste din momentul in care era un simplu serif al unei colonii Terrane de exploatare miniera de pe Mar Sara pana in momentul in care ajunge general in cadrul unei organizatii para-militare apolitice. Fiii lui Korhal – factiunea rebela – devine ulterior puterea reprezentativa a omenirii in univers, in urma consumarii militare a conflictelor politice dintre Confederatie si Protectorat (cele doua mari formatiuni politice umane care imparteau spatiul cunoscut). Raynor intruchipeaza valorile morale ale omenirii cum ar fi simplitatea, umorul, etica, moralul, onoarea, conducerea, empatia, loialitatea si corectitudinea.

Materialul de mai jos reprezinta viziunea si atitudinea lui, vazuta prin ochii mei. Pentru veridicitatea si farmecul personajului, am considerat vitala scrierea in limba engleza, pentru a nu pierde din farmecul expresiilor de care Raynor face uz in saga Starcraft.

Now that’s irony, ain’t it, Duke? A few years ago, right before you left me and Kerrigan for dead on that god forsaken rock, I remember reporting to your wrinkly self-centered egotistic will and orders.  I don’t know what you’ve done or how well you’ve slept, but it seems the Sons of Korhal deemed you worthy of service gain. Guess what goes round comes around, eh? But let’s cut the small talk, we’ve got bigger issues at hand. It’s time for briefing.

I guess that by now you figured out that you’re going to report to me. I hope your Confederate attitude has changed in the meanwhile and you’re not going to be a pain in the ass again.  You have one last chance at redemption, so use it wisely. Here’s the situation in short: four days ago, we recieved a distress signal from Zeratul. The Zerg tried to assasinate him while he was doing some research at the PSI Matrix on Tarsonis 4. We also recieved visual confirmation from one of our stealth SatCom sattelite probes orbiting the north-western sector of the wastelands. I’m sending now the images via InterCom. Now, I know you have beef with the Protoss, but you oughta’ behave, understand? Zeratul must be brought to safety. He is the ambassador of the terrans in front of the Protoss High Council. So yes, that means he’d better be alive and in one piece. Uploading probe data via InterCom:

We sent a rescue team 2 days ago to assess the situation but them rookies must’ve jammed their comm station. Hopefully…  So yesterday we sent another team of two squads, along with a special ops officer, and you can judge her report for yourself. I’m sending it via InterCom now. If you ask me, things got too messy down there. That’s why I need you to clean this up as neat and discrete as possible.

I need someone who can take charge of things, so this is the only chance to redemption and glory that you’ll get. Don’t screw it up, old timer. I wouldn’t be sending ya’ in there if I had any other choice. You’re the veteran that’s closest at hand, so it falls in your duty to you carry out this rescue mission.

Your orders are to rendez-vous with Colonel Michelle Poitreaux. She’s the assigned  Ghost for this hell parade. With her and whatever’s hopefully left of the original search and rescue party, I want you to scour the grounds of the abandoned Protoss temple, find Zeratul and bring back all the 3 of you to safety.

And do try to keep in mind that she’s a Ghost, so she can read your mind. I’d advise against crossing her, since she won’t wait to get to become the next Queen of Blades to get back to you. She’ll put a psion shell in the back of your head with a smile on her face and no hesitation.

I trust you won’t disapoint me, ex-general Duke. Raynor out.

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  1. Andrei a scris pe 25 November 2009

    Mi-ai făcut poftă de un Brood War. :)

  2. Catalin Ilea a scris pe 25 November 2009

    Hehe :D Se poate rezolva oricand :D Ceva distributor de retea simpla sa avem numai (+ locatie daca vrei facuta miscarea in LAN), ca restul se rezolva de la sine :D

    Sau daca preferi variante online, recomand sistemul de BattleNet de la Blizzard, de la mama lor :) Ar fi si variante asa, mai “romanesti” dar n-ar fi etic si corect fata de munca celor de la Blizzard sa le promovez, nu? :)

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